Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Plot Thickens

The closing on our new house is in two weeks (Sept. 27).  The closing on the old house is on the 30th.  Things are really picking up ... inspections, punch lists, repairmen, carpet men, mold inspections (welcome to the world of basements!).  Unfortunately the mold hunter (yeah, that's what he's called ... "crikey!  Look at those teeth!") found a spore of black mold in the basement of the new house, so we're working on what needs to be done to fix that.  There was also a trench under the carpet in the basement, so we were over there last night with the carpet guy who pulled up the rug and found a gap in the padding.  Filled it in, duct taped it, and we're done!  Quentin had never seen the new house; every time we looked at it, he was busy or gone.  Last night he got a look.  His words:  "Cool!"  He's thinking he has a pretty nifty bachelor pad down in that basement, complete with living room, bathroom and game room.  What a life.  Let's just hope it's mold free!

David is surfing out in California this week ... just kidding!  He's out there for meetings and timber cruising.  Today I think they were going to see some redwoods.  When I told someone he was going to be gone all week, they said, "For work?" and I said, "Jeepers, it'd BETTER be for work!!"  I did get the playroom packed and started on Lisa's room.  Once I get started, it's kind of satisfying to see the stack of boxes.  Making progress, making progress!

Melanie had a great day at preschool yesterday.  She really seems to thrive on it!  Christian's got a baseball game tonight ... sorry no pictures lately.  David swiped the camera and took it to CA with him.

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