Thursday, August 4, 2005

Last Day Celebrations

Just time for a quick update.  We arrived in Almaty on Wednesday afternoon, and went to a group dinner at the American Bar with all the WPA families in country...some just arriving and some with children waiting to go home.  We had a huge crowd, and it was fun to visit with everyone.     Yesterday (Thursday morning) we went to the zoo so Sarah Reed could see a camel.  Then we went shopping for the necessary souveniers.  Last night, the three Altynbaev sisters hosted our team for a celebration dinner at a local Uzbek restaurant, which was complete with a show including circus performers and belly dancers.   We all had a lot of fun for our last night.  Some of the group flew out early am, and we are heading to the airport right now.     We will hopefully wrap up the story when we return home.    Love to all....David   

Quentin Says:  Well we ate at the Uzbek Restaraunt last night, which was a very exotic and entertaining restaraunt. But the food sucked. Every time I took a bite of lamb rib My throat would burn for 10 minutes. All I ate actually was some cow tongue, which actually tasted pretty good, but you're thinking about what you're eating...bluhh... Luckily I got sick on the last day, the bad news is, I got sick and am not looking forward to the last day. At least we went out with a bang in Taldy Korgan. Not so much in Almaty, Almaty was more like a fuse.

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