Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina and the Waves

..I'm walking on sunshine ... woo woo ... Man, what a nightmare.  My folks live 90 miles north of New Orleans, so of course I had some worried moments.  However, Katrina performed a miracle for New Orleans by taking her slight right turn.  Good for N.O., bad for Biloxi, Pass Christian, Gulfport, all places that I know and love.  It's just catastrophic .. awful.  My parents and sister have no power, and my in-laws in Jackson, Mississippi are in the dark as well.  I have tried to call my sister all day, but all circuits are busy.  I talked to them all yesterday so I know they're fine; they only got winds and very little rain.  Ugh.

I walk around the house looking at all the stuff we have and get sick just thinking about packing it all up.  I'm giving myself until Sept. 1 to be lazy about it, then we have 29 days to get our act in gear.  I'm seriously thinking about renting a huge dumpster and throwing away 90% of what is in our house.  Seriously.  And in light of the events on the coast, it's just stuff ... it's almost shameful how much we have, and it could all be blown away, just like that.  Sorry this isn't a cheery and upbeat entry ...

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