Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Bye Bye Buggies

Hope Pat doesn't mind, but I'm stealing these pictures to put on here.  They are just too precious ... these are closeups of the "Bye Bye Buggies" that WPA sent to the baby houses, the 6-seater strollers that most daycares in the US have.  Call them "Baby Limos" if you will ... in Taldy Korgan we observed the caregivers strapping two (delapidated) strollers together with rope, with a baby in each.  The rest of the kids who could walk were instructed to put a hand on the strollers and follow along as they walked on the grounds of the Baby House.  Sort of like a herd of babies.  Of course every few steps one of the kids would fall down or trip, and the herd would have to stop and calm tears before carrying on with the slow laps around the building. 

With the Bye Bye Buggies, the kids can go on walks in style!

No letter from David yet, but stay tuned.  They were supposed to have the dedication of the new playground today in Taldy.

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