Friday, July 22, 2005

La Vie En Rose

Don't know why I wrote that ... just like how it sounds and looks!  "Life through rose colored glasses", in a way.  Just brought the kids home from camp .. they all had a blast!  The were very chatty on the drive home, until they fell dead asleep!  They had eaten nothing but healthy, nourishing food all week, and had junk food cravings, so we ran through McDonald's. 

Had a nice visit to Louisiana ... helped to celebrate my parents' 54th anniversary.  We also went to visit Sage, our favorite photographer who got a few shots of Melanie, with Sage's dog Cody.  The trip home was uneventful until we got to Charlotte ... imagine a bus to the satellite lot packed like a can of sardines, 100 degrees outside, and add a screaming, exhausted baby.  You get the picture.

The big news is that we have bought a house!  It is in the same neighborhood that we are in now, just a different part, and it has room to swing a few cats and for five kids not to be living on top of each other.  Now we have to get this house in shape to sell, and poor David has been toiling like a madman, painting rooms and trim, removing 8 years worth of fingerprints and what-have-you from doors.  My job next week:  de-clutter.  I have visions of a U-Haul truck in my immediate future, and a bunch of junk in a storage shed.  Keeping the house in showing condition at all times will definitely be a challenge!

Kazakhstan in 48 hours!

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