Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Not much to report ... just emptying out the memory stick!  All four of the older kids are going to camp this summer, in Boomer, NC (yes they are all going the same week!!  Yee haw!!  <ahem> I mean, awww I really will miss them!  Heh heh).  The applications have to have pictures on them, so I lined them up for mug shots.

Mothers' Day was very nice for me...after church we went to eat Italian food.  Then I came home and took a two hour nap!  Bliss.  I have some really cute cards and a gift certificate to Chico's.  Very nice. 

Christian's baseball game was rained out tonight.  Even when the hotline said the fields were open, we had to go or be faced with forfeiting.  So I set out, and ran into a hail storm.  It felt like the windshield was going to break right in front of my eyes.  I turned around and came home until it passed, then went to the field.  We all stood around watching the lightning, thinking, "Yah, we need to send these kids out there with metal bats ... um, no ..." 

David leaves on Thursday to spend the weekend with his parents in Jackson.  My parents arrive on Saturday from Baton Rouge to spend the weekend, and to see Quentin's play on Tuesday.  (A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court -- he's the jester).  I'll be sure and post a review after the premiere.

Quentin says:  I don't think the play is going to be very good, so don't expect a very good review. 

I say:  We'll see.

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