Tuesday, March 8, 2005

No More Splint!

I put in a call to Dr. Matthews today about the problems we are having with Melanie's splint.  His nurse told me to come right down ... He was fiddling with the splint and naturally it started bleeding profusely.  His nurse walked in and took one look at her; "He did it!" I said, pointing to Dr. Matthews.  So ... he made the decision that it was doing more harm than good.  While three of them held her down, snip snip went the sutures, and out it came!  Lisa and I stood in the corner with our fingers in our ears, as Melanie was quite vocal in her displeasure.  A guy was on a ladder outside the (2nd floor) window installing an awning.  He even joined in the sympathy train.  I can't tell you how happy I am to have that thing gone!  She looks like a normal little girl now ... I suppose she will have to have her nostril surgically repaired at some point in the future; it's still misshapen, but from a few feet away, you don't even notice.  She's a beautiful little girl.

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