Sunday, March 6, 2005

Happy Birthday Christian!

Yesterday was Christian's 8th birthday ... unbelievable how quickly he has grown.  He is happier than a clam (are clams happy?  Living in mud?  Thrown into boiling water and eaten?) because he has a new gear bike, just like all his buds down the street.  We celebrated by going to see "The Pacifier" (don't bother!) and out to eat at Kabuto, or neighborhood Japanese grill.  Our chef entertained us by trying to throw shrimp into our mouths and creating an onion volcano.  It was pretty impressive! 

I also learned a lesson this week ... memory sticks DO still work even if you run them through the washing machine.  But maybe I just got lucky.  I had it in my pocket to get prints at the drug store.  Don't tell David; he already thinks I'm a little dingy.

We've hit a snag with Melanie's nose.  The splint seems to be slipping out little by little, and every time I try to irrigate it it bleeds terribly.  I'm beginning to think that all that crying she does is from pain, not from having saline shot up her nose.  I think a call to Dr. M is in order tomorrow morning.

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