Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Did You Get the Number of the Bus that Hit You?

Just a very short note to say all went well with Melanie.  Here is the text of a note I sent out.

Melanie was in surgery for almost 3 hours.  Dr. Matthews fixed her palate and also did a little realignment work on her nose.  She woke up with something called a "tongue stitch" which is what it sounds like, so they can pull her tongue forward if her airway gets obstructed.  So I jokingly said that at the ripe old age of two, Melanie has had a nose job and a tongue piercing!!  Ha ha!

  Seriously though ... She was thrashing around a good bit when we first saw her in recovery, but overall hasn't been too agitated.  She also has something called a nasal retainer, which is a splint of sorts inside her nose to keep the cartilage straight.  It will be in for about a month.  Her face is pretty bruised and swollen, but she's been drinking apple juice and eating yogurt.  When I left David at the hospital this afternoon to meet the other kids after school, she was snoozing on his lap comfortably.  They are very attentive with the meds, so she doesn't seem to be in too much pain.  It's amazing how different she looks, already!!  She has a cute little pug nose and perfectly round little nostrils ... Dr. Matthews is a magician.   Thanks again for all the prayers.  We should be coming home tomorrow!

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