Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Week in Review

Melanie and I hiked to south Charlotte on Thursday to see Dr. Rider again.  He took some measurements and the "brace" has moved her teeth considerably.  She is ready for surgery!  The only problem is, Dr. Matthews, the surgeon, is leaving the practice he was in and going out on his own.  Therefore, he is in transition and not taking any new appointments until after the new year.  In limbo again!  We will see Dr. Rider again next Thursday just to check on things.

Poor Melanie had to have four more shots on Friday.  I know she is sick & tired of being poked and prodded, but thank goodness her hip is out of the picture, so to speak. 

Last night we went to David's company Christmas party.  David's co-worker, Whit, plays the guitar, and he put on a great show for Melanie and his daughter Katie.  They were dancing and giggling like crazy.  On the way home, we had Christmas music on in the car, and she was singing up a storm.  Watch out, American Idol!

She and I went shopping at the mall on Friday, and it was the weirdest thing.  All these people kept coming up to me and saying "Hello!  Hi!" and I thought, "Do I know you?"  Turns out Melanie, in her stroller, was waving and saying hi to people as we passed, and they were just drawn to her!  She has such a magnetic personality.  And she just sparkles ... her personality is golden. 

My dad and my sister, in Baton Rouge, haven't met her yet ... we're heading down to spend Christmas with David's family in Jackson, Mississippi and will of course make a side trip to B.R.  My poor dad tripped over the back steps and broke his foot.  What is it with our dads and their broken bones?? 

Things have gotten so crazy with Christmas coming up; parties and brunches.  We had the two this weekend, and I have one tomorrow and Wed. night.  My head is spinning!  And then there's the school programs and teacher conferences.  I guess we can sleep after New Years'.  ZZZZZZZZ ....

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