Monday, November 29, 2004

Stay Tuned!

As you can probably expect, life seems to be on warp speed (I'm giving her all I've got, Captain!) and have not been able to update in a few days.  <Sigh!>  The "Headline News" version:  Thanksgiving:  quiet and just us.  Black Friday: shopping?  Are you NUTS?  I didn't leave the house!  Frankly, I didn't get out of  my pajamas until after noon!  Vehicle update: we are proud owners of a certified Land Yacht ... a black Yukon XL.  I call it my "Secret Service" car .. cause it looks remarkably like one of the President's fleet!  I just need a pair of sunglasses and an earpiece.  Watch out.  Melanie:  still sweet and wonderful.  Still sleeping 12 hours at night with a 1-2 hour nap during the day.  Starts her 9 months of abx today.  Christian:  turns up with a staph infection on his arm requiring a pre-Thanksgiving outing to the pediatrician, complete with lancing and antibiotics.  Welcome to the pediatrics ward.  He's fine now ... Other kids: great, as usual. 

David is planning another trip back to Kazakhstan this summer to build a playground at Melanie's baby house in Taldy Korgan.  He went to Uralsk in the summer of 2003 for same.  This time, Quentin will accompany him ... sort of his 13 year old "becoming a man" rite of passage.  I'm thrilled that he wants to go.  Nothing like a dose of reality to open a young man's eyes, eh?  Colin doesn't want to go because he might have to get shots!  Ha ha.  Check out WPA's website under "Humanitarian Aid" to see more about the playground trips.

Well, it's nearing 6:30 a.m. and time to get the motor started.  Sleeping kids to wake up, lunches to make, clothes to dig out of the dryer, fix a healthy breakfast (isn't chocolate a vegetable??)  ... another day in the life ...

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