Wednesday, August 18, 2004

August 18, 2004

No news is .... well, no news.  We are beyond impatient now, on one level, but on the other level, we are continuing our lives as usual.  When I was a little girl, when my mom & dad would take us out to dinner, and the waiter was late getting us our food ... mom had a system to get the food to come.  She said, "If I light a cigarette, the food will come".  (Yes this was a LONG time ago).  So ... I have 'lit a cigarette' so to speak.  Lisa has a cyst on the inside of her mouth that needs to be removed, so I have scheduled her surgery for September 3.   At the very least we will be in the middle of getting ready to travel ...  On the other hand, everyone is in school.  My #1 baby boy is in high school <sniff!> but seems to be taking to it like the proverbial fish to water.  He is leaping out of bed at 5:30 (I'll give it a week, tops) and sitting on the stairs ready to go 5 minutes early.  There were some schedule snafus, but I think we're getting settled.  The others are happily ensconced in their classes.  There are still glasses to be ordered, doctors' appointments to be kept, and Christian started baseball last night.  Thank God for my wonderful baby sitter, Kathleen, who can drive to pick up and fetch when needed.  And as I finally lay down, exhausted, on my bed, I had a moment of "What the &*%$ were we thinking, adding another child to this mix?"  But then I had visions of happy chaos.  Sure, I will lose my mind, but I will be a happy insane person.  I will be beyond exhaustion, but I will wear my gray hairs with pride.  (Yah, right ... Miss Clairol here I come!)  And the worst day at our house will still be 100% better than the best day in the Baby House.

We did get some new pictures of Melanie yesterday, from another family who are in Taldy-Korgan right now.  We are so grateful for these little snapshots, and only hope we can do the same for another family waiting at home.  

I keep saying that I won't post again until we have dates ... but ... maybe sharing the agony of waiting will help someone else in the same boat.  We're all together in this!


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