Tuesday, August 10, 2004

August 10, 2004

Reasons why it's better that we travel in September:   (1)  The "tourist season" will be over; hence cheaper airfare.  (2)  The Olympics will be over; hence flights will be easier to find; (3)  It will be much cooler in Kazakhstan; gee thanks, guess I'll have to throw away all those cute sundresses I bought ... (4)  The kids are back in school, easier job for Granddaddy & Grandmama; okay, that's a good one.  All they have to do is open the front door and shoo them out; then open the door for them 8 hours later!  No problem.  Oh yes, and feed them now & then.  (5) David has a bunch of projects at work that he needs to finish.  Okay, that's a good one too; something about income and all that.  Yah, income is kind of important, I guess.  (6) My mom, who works at the graduate school at LSU will be done with August graduation and more able to get away from her job.  She is going to travel to Kaz. on the tail-end of our trip, after David goes home, to help me travel with Melanie. 

School starts tomorrow for 3 of our kiddoes.  Why do I keep humming "It's the most wonderful time .. of the year ..." ??

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